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Photo Booths


Boomerang takes a quick burst of 20 photos and make it a short clip that loops back and forth.

Taking at least 3 or more photos and boom! There goes your Gifie.



 You can transport yourself to anywhere and any point of time to create a magical moment.   


Rustic Charm


There is no compromise on style or quality! Jackson is lovingly handcrafted, more like a designer piece of furniture. 


Not only does it look awesome, Jackson produces only hilarious slow motion videos and loves to share them through different social media platforms.


Branding of the video with designs & music is possible too!



Guests posing in style with Jackson to lead the way like brand ambassador, Taylor Hill - Best idea ever!

Modern Vintage

A fun and exciting memory-maker. Gorgeously hand crafted in wood finishing, combines elegant hardware and integrated software, powerful & fully functional. 


Equipped with DSLR camera, touch screen and a built in flash to give you a killer photos you will go crazy over.


Bella is everything you need for a good time!


Aryssa's Sweet 16


In celebration of Aryssa's Sweet 16 Birthday at the Face Suite with our Bella photo booth.. Everyone was addicted with it!

Backdrop is soooooo important.


We have sourced through the world to come out with the perfect backdrop that bring out the best of you, from something simple and clean to everlasting romance, funky fun to elegant and more.